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Knoriks drop rate

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Knoriks drop rate

Post  Kendynka on Mon Dec 26, 2011 10:26 am

I wanna ask u about mob called Knoriks in Lair of Antharas.
I've talked with some peoples in the server about drop rate ... before some time it drop 5-7 bews/beas and 300 noble stones ... and now 10 noble stones and 1 bews or beas ...
Enemy characters have now +11,9 weapons and +6 and more sets and they're better with theyr equip in pvp vs us ...

Thanks for answer


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Re: Knoriks drop rate

Post  cptkrunchie on Mon Dec 26, 2011 1:39 pm

it never spoiled 5-7 bews/beas and 300 noble stones. most i've seen was 1 bews and beas and around 150 noble stones. it has been seriously nerfed since then, even tho they say it wasn't Razz
I will say this:
There was a 8-12 hour period on the 2nd or 3rd night of the server, where ALL spoils were extremely high-rate, i think around 3-4x what they are now. I'm not gonna accuse anyone of anything, but that period is so damn suspicious...


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